Underwires, Metal Bra Underwires, Full Set by BCD

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Pin-Up Girls Bra Patterns from Bra-Makers Supply are designed based on Beverly Johnson's Bottom Cup Depth measurement.  These sets of underwires provide all of the varieties and sizes compatible with a BCD measure.  Full BCD Sets include either 6 or 7 pairs of underwires, depending on size.  

Use these Full BCD Sets with any wired Pin-Up Girls pattern including:

  • The Classic Bra, The Ruby Bra, The Shelley Bra, The Linda Bra Pattern, The Sherri Bra, The Amethyst Lace Bra, The T-Shirt Bra and the Amanda Alyssa T-Shirt Bra from the Pin-Up Girls Collection from Bra-Makers Supply
  • Beverly Johnson’s Bra Makers Supply class pattern

Underwires, Metal Bra Underwires are made from premium gauge metal, which resists twisting.


Underwires are sold by the pair in sets for BCD and, depending on size, include combinations of Small, Regular, Long, Extra-Long, Vertical and Super-Long wire pairs in appropriate sizes

Sizing Chart:

Use this video guide to measure your Bottom Cup Depth (BCD) to determine which size set to order.