Underwires, Metal Bra Underwires

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Underwires, Metal Bra Underwires, are the correct underwires for:

  • The Classic Bra, The Ruby Bra, The Shelley Bra, The Linda Bra Pattern, The Sherri Bra, The Amethyst Lace Bra, The T-Shirt Bra and the Amanda Alyssa T-Shirt Bra from the Pin-Up Girls Collection from Bra-Makers Supply
  • Beverly Johnson’s Bra Makers Supply class pattern
  • To use for replacing underwire in most ready-to-wear bras.

Underwires, Metal Bra Underwires, Long Length, are made from premium gauge metal, which resists twisting.


Underwires are sold by the pair

Sizing Chart:

Click to download and print a sizing chart in each size:

Short Underwire Sizing Chart

Regular Underwire Sizing Chart

Long Underwire Sizing Chart

Vertical Underwire Sizing Chart