Underwire End Cover, Heat Shrink, 8" Tubular Piece Cut-To-Need, Bra-Makers Supply

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Underwire End Cover, Heat Shrink, 1~2" Tubular Piece Cut-To-Need, from Bra-Makers Supply is used to seal the sharp tip of any trimmed-to-size underwires.

This product is sold in a ~8″ (30 cm) tubular piece, which is enough to cover several underwires. It is clear and thin enough to fit into the underwire casing.

This Heat Shrink Underwire Cover is easy to apply with a heat gun and will properly seal the sharp end to keep it from poking through the underwire casing on bras, swimwear or foundation garments that require a slightly shorter underwire to fit into the casing.


To apply, cut a 1″ (or shorter) length of the Heat Shrink tube. Place it over the end of the underwire, allowing just a tiny bit of the Heat Shrink tube to sit beyond the end. Make sure you are working on a non-flammable surface and using proper gloves and eye protection. While holding one end of your underwire, heat the other end (with the Heat Shrink) with a heat gun until the Heat Shrink tube shrinks around the end. This will give you a nicely finished underwire that will not poke through your underwire casing in your bra, swimsuit top, or foundation garment.


Approximately 8″ (30 cm)