Tulle, Sparkling Teal Blooms Tulle, 8.5"

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Tulle, 8.5” Sparkling Teal Blooms Tulle is a soft and lustrous fabric featuring glittering turquoise/teal flowers and dainty white vines embroidered on a glossy black mesh. The fabric has no stretch on the embroidered edge and some stretch on the mesh edge with a warp stretch of 40% and a weft stretch of 10%. This tulle requires lining with either Duoplex or Sheer Cup Lining. 

Sparkling Teal Blooms Tulle has a left facing orientation and right facing orientation, so you will receive one yard of left orientation tulle and one yard of right orientation tulle


Designing Inspiration:

Pair this Tulle with Black, Black Cherry, Ivory, Light Copper, Pink, or White Fabric and Findings Kits or with any of our lovely Sheer Cup options!


Sold by 1 yard of each orientation (left/right).  You will receive 2 yards of Tulle in total.



  • Measures approximately 8.5” in width.
  • Embroidery design measures approximately 4.5” in width.
  • Stretches 40% warp and 10% weft on the mesh edge, no stretch along the embroidered edge.
  • Made of 100% Nylon.
  • Hand wash, air dry.
  • This tulle includes metallic threads.  We recommend a quick pre-wash to remove any bits of metallic thread from manufacturing.  In our exclusive Gigi’s Wash Load Testing, we found that this tulle can shed bits of sparkly thread before pre-wash, but handles beautifully after pre-wash.  One pre-wash was all we needed to remove any bits left from manufacturing.  Our exclusive Gigi’s Wash Load Testing helps you have great success with your bra making.