Tulle, Cherry Blossom Peach Tulle, 6"

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Add a touch of sophistication to your next project with Cherry Blossom Peach! This delicate tulle will make any creation stand out with its beautiful cherry blossom embroidery in a wine red on a peach mesh.  Choose from a variety of color options to perfectly complement your design.


Cherry Blossom Peach is a beautiful tulle fabric that will add a touch of elegance to any project. It measures approximately 6” in width with a 5” embroidery design that features delicate cherry blossoms. This fabric is embroidered along one edge.  It has a left facing orientation and a right facing orientation, so you will receive two yards of tulle…one yard of left facing tulle and one yard of right facing tulle.   The tulle has no stretch along the embroidered edge, but has some stretch on the mesh edge with a warp stretch of 20% and a weft stretch of 10%. This tulle will not fray (if hand washed) and requires lining with either Duoplex or Sheer Cup.

Designing Inspiration:

Cherry Blossom Peach pairs beautifully with a variety of fabrics and findings. Try pairing it with ivory, peach, red, black, pink, or light copper for the Duoplex lining, and white or beige for the Sheer Cup lining. It also works well with a variety of colors, including pastels and jewel tones.


Sold by 1 yard of each orientation (left/right).  You will receive 2 yards of Tulle in total.


Care Instructions:

To keep the fabric looking its best, hand wash and air dry after washing.


  • Measures approximately 6” in width.
  • Embroidery design measures approximately 5” in width.
  • No stretch along the embroidered edge; stretches 20% warp and 10% weft on the mesh edge
  • Made of 100% Nylon.
  • Hand wash, air dry.