Tulle, Blossoming Beige Tulle, 9"

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Tulle, 9” Blossoming Beige Tulle is a stable beige tulle with sparkling gold flowers and vines embroidered along the bottom scallop.  This tulle has its raised embroidering only on one-side and has a left facing orientation and right facing orientation, so you will receive one yard of left orientation tulle and one yard of right orientation tulle. It has little mechanical stretch and does not fray (when hand washed). It requires lining with a Duoplex or Sheer Cup. The smooth hand makes it perfect for a sheer bra design.

Designing Inspiration:

Pairs beautifully with Beige, Black Cherry, Lilac, and Navy Fabrics and Findings, but works with almost all fabrics and findings!

Looks beautiful with any Sheer Cup lining!


Sold by 1 yard of each orientation (left/right).  You will receive 2 yards of Tulle in total.



  • Measures approximately 9” in width.
  • Embroidery design measures approximately 4” in width.
  • Stretches 15% warp and 10% weft on the non-embroidered edge.  No stretch on the embroidered edge.
  • Made of 100% Nylon.
  • Hand wash, air dry.