Swimwear Clicker Back Fastener

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Swimwear Clicker Back Fastener sews to a bra back type of swimsuit, tankini, or bikini top. The Swimwear Clicker Back Fastener makes putting on or taking off your new bikini top, swimsuit, or tankini easy! The clicker will also give a professional look to your work. The Clickers fasten easily behind your back and stay fastened!

The clear colored Clickers are made from molded plexi, while the white and black are molded from quality plastic. The Clickers feature rounded edges with no sharp points or corners to cause discomfort.

The Swimwear Clicker Back Fastener is 1″ (25 mm) in length and therefore accepts a fabric or elastic strip that is 1″ (25 mm) wide, or slightly wider. The Swimwear Clicker is available in White, Black, or Clear. The clear color allows it to blend inconspicuously on any solid colored or printed fabric.