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Mens Loungers Pattern

Mens Loungers Pattern offers both short and long versions providing comfort and support.  The pattern also offers two optional features: a cell phone pocket for either left or right-handed use, and an optional internal sling for the ultimate in male support.

The loungewear/pajama pants are quick and easy to size and sew, with a wide elastic for the waist and 2 main pattern pieces.

Use Cotton Jersey, Bamboo, or Microfiber Knits.  They can also be made with Performance Fabrics for comfy work-out wear or woven fabrics such as flannel and suede-backed cotton for cold nights.

Waist sizes 28-44″ (76-111 cm) are included in the pattern.

Materials Required for the Mens Loungers:

  • .6 m of 60″ wide fabric for the short version (1 m of 45″ wide fabric)
  • 1.25 m of 60″ wide fabric for the long version (2 m of 45″ wide fabric)
  • 1.5 m of 1.5″ (37 mm) wide elastic for the waist . Our wide plush elastic is the perfect choice.
  • A short 1.5″ piece of stay tape, or twill tape, ribbon or similar for under the elastic join in the back.