Foam Cups, Balconette Foam Bra Cups

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Foam Cups, Balconette Foam Bra Cups are used in any bra, swimwear or other clothing item such as dresses or tops, bridal gowns, strapless dresses, strapless bras, bandeau bras, sun dresses, or active wear that require a foam cup.

These cups are all finished with high quality polyester lining on both the interior and the exterior of the cup, therefore, no additional lining is needed.  These are high quality, long lasting cups, that will not easily collapse easily when covered with fabric.

Sizes and Fit:

Size 32: usually fits 30C, 32B, 34A. Bottom cup depth of 2.75″. Accepts wire sizes 32 Long or 34 Regular
Size 34: usually fits 32C, 34B, 36A. Bottom cup depth of 3.0″. Accepts wire sizes 32 XL, 34 Long or 36 Regular
Size 36: usually fits 34C, 36B, 38A. Bottom cup depth of 3.25″. Accepts wire sizes 34 XL, 36 Long or 38 Regular
Size 38: usually fits 32D, 36C, 38B. Bottom cup depth of 3.5″. Accepts wire sizes 36 XL, 38 Long or 40 Regular
Size 40: usually fits 30E, 34D, 38C, 40B. Bottom cup depth of 3.75″. Accepts wire sizes 36 XL or 38 XL, 40 Long or 42 Regular

Sold by: the pair.
Content: medium density foam, covered in polyester lining on outside and inside. Chlorine resistant.
Uses: t-shirt bras, swimwear, bridal gowns, strapless dresses, sun dresses, active wear