Fabric, Stretch Mesh Fabric, Super Fine Stretch Mesh per 1/2 Yard

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Fabric, Stretch Mesh Fabric, Super Fine Stretch Mesh is a firm but lightweight Super Fine Stretch Mesh Fabric that is very versatile and a great multipurpose material. The Mesh can be used to line a bra cup under stretch lace, to make a prosthesis pocket, or to use as a power bar. It can also be used for a sheer but strong band for small to medium cups.

Sold by the 1/2 Yard

The Super Fine Stretch Mesh is 58-60″ (147-150 cm) wide made from 85% nylon and 15% spandex blend. Stretches in both the lengthwise and crosswise direction but the recovery is better on the lengthwise.


Sold by: the 1/2 yard 
Width: 58-60″
Stretch: stretch in both the crosswise and lengthwise directions, but more in the crosswise from selvage to selvage ("self-finished" edge of fabric)
Finish: matte
Content: 92% polyester/10% spandex
Uses: bras, bralettes, lingerie, camisoles, lightweight tops, panties