Fabric, Sheer, 15 Denier Sheer Nylon Fabric 1/2 M

Fabric, Sheer, 15 Denier Sheer Nylon Fabric 1/2 M

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Fabric, Sheer, 15 Denier Sheer Nylon Fabric is a very lightweight and sheer fabric. This fabric is used as a virtually invisible lining behind lace cups or as an internal power bar.

Sold by the 1/2 meter


The fabric has some mechanical stretch in the crosswise direction. For stronger sheer support, see Sheer Bra Cup Lining.

One of the most common uses for 15 Denier has been in the dance industry, using the fabric for dance veils, or for shirring over another fabric. The fabric is so sheer and light, it will gather up to many times its original size, adding luxurious fullness. However, the extra fullness does not translate to added weight or bulk. In fact, when using this fabric for veils, it is so light in weight that dancers often have to weigh down the edges with a row of sequins so they can control the fabric during dance moves.

In the Craftsy class "Sewing Bras: Designer Techniques" by Beverly Johnson of Bra Makers Supply, students learn how to use 15 Denier as a decorative exterior power bar. It does not provide support in this case, but it provides an incredible accent to an otherwise plain lace bra!

100% Nylon with mechanical give in the crosswise direction. The Sheer Nylon Fabric is also easy to dye if you need to.

The 15 Denier Sheer Nylon Fabric is used for any garment that requires light sheer support or to make sheer, flowing garments such as belly dance veils or peignoirs. This fabric is great for lining sheer or lace bra cups. It can be used successfully as an internal power bar as well.

Pro Tip: Use a layer of 15 Denier cut on a bias fold inside a bra cup for added “push” to the front.

Sold by: the 1/2 meter
Width: 58-60″
Stretch: mechanical give in the crosswise direction
Finish: matte
Content: 100% nylon
Uses: belly dance costumes, bra cup lining, lingerie, peignoir sets

Sold by the 1/2 meter