Elastic, Strap Elastic, 3/8" Soft Touch Bra Strap Elastic, per 1 M

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Elastic, Strap Elastic, Soft Touch Bra Strap Elastic is a multi-purpose basic elastic. It has no shine, just a simple matte finish with a delicate adornment on each edge. The elastic is very soft, plush on both the front and back. It is ⅜” (10 mm) in width, use with any of the ⅜” sliders and rings. The Elastic features a delicate, non-itchy picot along both edges. 

Price per 1 meter.

The matte finish makes this elastic ideal for combining with other matte finish fabrics. 

The elastic is a great multipurpose Strap Elastic. It is a nice simple elastic, therefore, it can be matched with many fabrics. Use the Soft Bra Strap Elastic for bras, camisoles, and garter belts. This elastic has a great recovery and is very soft. Use this elastic to make any garment that is going to be worn more often.

The Soft Touch Bra Strap Elastic is plush on both sides, making it very comfortable to wear. The elastic is available in ⅜” (10 mm) width, therefore, it is a great choice for smaller to medium-sized bras.  Customers making larger sized bras, we suggest our Satin Strap Elastic or Satin Stripe Strap Elastic. These elastics are available in larger widths, which are more suitable for larger sized bras.

Pro-Tip: Use this elastic for adorable baby headbands or masks

Sold by: the 1 meter
Width: ⅜″ (10 mm)
Finish: matte
Content: Nylon and spandex
Uses: bra straps, camisoles, garter belts, baby headbands


Price per 1 meter