Elastic, Strap Elastic, 3/8" Silicone Gripper Strap Elastic, per 1 Yard

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Silicone Gripper Strap Elastic is ⅜” (10 mm) wide and available in Beige and Black. Use Silicone Gripper Strap Elastic for any garment that requires straps to stay put. The elastic features a strip of silicone on the backside, which runs the entire length of the elastic. The silicone strip keeps any area that it comes into contact with in place, helping to prevent slipping.

Price per 1 Yard

The Silicone Gripper Strap Elastic is a shiny strap elastic with a plush back, very similar to our Satin Strap Elastic. The difference is that this elastic features a silicone bead running down the length on the backside. This elastic is ideal to use as shoulder straps, as it grips the shoulders to prevent the straps from falling off. This products is great to use for anyone with narrow shoulders, for dance costumes, gymnastics costumes, or any garment that requires non-slip shoulder straps. This elastic features plain edges.

Available in Beige and Black.

How to Use:

Use Silicone Gripper Strap Elastic  for any garment that requires non-slip straps such as bras, bralettes and camisoles. The elastic is ⅜” (10 mm) in width, therefore is ideal for smaller sized bras and garments. This elastic is generally not used to make adjustable straps, as the silicone bead makes it difficult to pass through the slider.

Pro Tip: To make an non-slip adjustable strap, make a partial strap, using regular strap elastic for the back, adjustable portion of the strap and use the Silicone Gripper Strap Elastic for the front portion of the strap.


Width: ⅜” (10 mm)
Finish: shiny
Content: nylon/spandex/silicone
Uses: costume straps, bra straps

Price per 1 yard