Elastic, Reversible Fold-Over Elastic 3/8"

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Elastic, Reversible Fold-Over Elastic is a classic, tailored binding that is very easy to apply. The elastic is narrow enough to complement the edge yet is wide enough to sew on easily. Simply fold it in half along the pre-marked fold and sew along the edge with a small zigzag (some use 1 x 1 and others use 2 x 2). It can be sewn in one pass or two.

Pro-Tip: Use a fabric glue stick to hold the Fold-Over Elastic Binding on the edge of the fabric while you sew it. It makes sewing much easier!

Elastic, Reversible Fold-Over Elastic is a plain edge binding and can be turned inside out for a matte finish. Use Reversible Fold-Over Elastic as a finishing trim along the top (or bottom) of a bra or to finish the legs or waistline of panties.

Elastic, Reversible Fold-Over Elastic is made of Nylon and Spandex, not rubber (latex). While this Fold-Over Binding is latex-free, we cannot guarantee that it has not come into contact with latex fibers in the factory.


Sold by: theYard
Width:  ⅜”
Stretch: very stretchy
Finish: reversible – shiny face, matte back
Content: 90 % nylon and 10 % spandex
Uses: bras, bralettes, panties, garter belts, anywhere a stretch binding is necessary or desired