Elastic, Elastic Trim, Stretch Scalloped Elastic Trim, 1M

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Elastic, Elastic Trim, Stretch Scalloped Elastic Trim is a small, stretchy, decorative edge with small scallops. Stretch Scalloped Elastic Trim is perfect for neckline of a bra or can be inserted into a seam.

Sold per 1 meter

Stretch Scalloped Elastic Trim is sewn along one edge of a seam and peeks over the edge or as an accent in a seam line. The finished edge of the trim is 1/4″ in width and when inserted, shows a small, delicate scalloped edge.

Use this trim as a small or subtle trim detail in garments such as baby clothes, headbands, trim on doll clothes, children’s panties, undershirts, nightgowns, or pajamas, or in the neckline of a bra

Pro Tip: use the trim for as an accent on smaller sized bras, keeping the trim in proportion to the rest of the garment.

How to Use:

Sew the Stretch Scalloped Elastic Trim to one side of the seam or edge, aligning the center line of the trim to the seam line. Sew the trim to the garment with a small zig-zag stitch (width about 2 and length about 2).  Using a zig-zag stitch will allow the trim to stretch with the garment. If the edge you are sewing does not stretch, a straight stitch can be used.

Sold by: the meter (1.1 yard/40″) 
Width: 1/4″ finished edge
Stretch: stretch in lengthwise direction
Finish: matte
Content: Nylon and Spandex
Uses: bra neckline, seam piping