Elastic, Elastic Trim, Loop-A-Licious Bra Neckline Elastic Trim, 1 Yard

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Elastic, Elastic Trim, Loop-A-Licious Bra Neckline Elastic Trim adds a lovely touch to any design that requires an elastic trim detail. This trim is used for the necklines of bras and looks great on camisoles and lingerie. The Loop-A-Licious Bra Neckline Elastic Trim also matches nicely with virtually any fabric.

The Loop-A-Licious Elastic features a stretchy elastic strip, with a small decorative cord made into loops running the length of the trim. This trim is sewn in two ways – into a seam, or as facing elastic. To sew it as a facing, place the elastic on the right side of the fabric’s raw edge. The loopy part faces into the main part of the fabric. Stitch using a zig-zag at the line between the plan and the fancy part of the elastic. Turn the elastic to the inside and stitch a second time. This time, sew on the un-sewn edge. Now the “loopy” decorative edge is in the correct place on the right side of the garment.


Sold by: the yard
Stretch: stretchy
Finish: shiny
Uses: bras, bralettes, panties, garter belts, camisoles, lingerie, costumes, anywhere a stretch trim is necessary or desired