Cotton Covered Plastic Boning

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Cotton Covered Plastic Boning is the recommended support in the Diamond Foam-Lined Bustier Pattern from Bra-Makers Supply. 1.2 meters minimum is recommended on the pattern for the Diamond Foam-Lined Bustier.

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Cotton Covered Plastic Boning can also be used in making a corset, waist cincher, boned bodice, sundress, strapless dress, or any other type of foundation garment, the Cotton Covered Plastic Boning will help give the garment light support and structure.

Since the Cotton Covered Plastic Boning is pre-covered, this is a time saver that is more convenient than making your own bone casing from Twill Tape or from the same fabric as the piece, which can often fray and slide as you work with it.

The cover is made from 100% sturdy cotton, which contours nicely and is dye-able.

The cotton cover is a tube, stitched on either side. The plastic boning simply slides inside the tube, to give you an all-in-one solution. This Covered Plastic Boning eliminates the need to buy your boning and channeling separately, or the need to make your own boning cover.

The boning is ¼” wide plastic. 

How to Use Cotton Covered Plastic Boning:
The Cotton Covered Plastic Boning is easy and convenient to use. Simply cut the casing and boning to the right length, then remove the boning from inside the casing and set it aside. Now sew the casing to the corset with a straight stitch staying as close to the stitched line as possible. Once the casing is sewn, insert the boning inside the casing. The boning is finished.

Sold by: the Yard
Width: boning is ¼” wide
Content: plastic boning with 100% dyeable cotton cover
Uses: corsets, waist cinchers, foundation garments, any garment that requires light support and structure.