Clips, Nursing Bra Strap Clips, Set of 2

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Clips, Nursing Bra Strap Clips, Set of 2 are one-handed Plastic Nursing Bra Strap Clips that may be the best on the planet. The back part of the clip with the upward facing “hook” has two slots – one for the strap going over your shoulder and one for the supporting sling or collar inside the cup. The front part of the clips has one slot to hold the cup cover. To use, simply unhook the cup cover by moving it upward with one hand, and the cup cover will lower easily. The portion of the clip holding the inside sling or collar, stays in place to support the breast.

Clips, Nursing Bra Strap Clips, Set of 2 are ¾” (20 mm) wide. Use with ¾” (20 mm) strap elastic, such as our Satin Strap Elastic. The White, Beige, or Black clips can be matched with our White, Beige, or Black Satin Strap Elastic. The Clear clips can be used with any colour of fabric or elastic.

Pro Tip – for complete instructions on how to use these nursing clips, please see the Bra-makers Manual Vol. 2!