Bra Pattern, Freedom Corset Pattern, Bra-Makers Supply

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Bra Pattern, Freedom Corset Pattern, Bra-Makers Supply includes a full Corset Pattern and Underbust Corset Pattern variation.  While most women today use a corset as fashion wear, not underwear – you will find the Freedom Corset surprisingly comfortable. 

Bust sizes 28-50 included in one envelope.

Use either a traditional busk (giant loops and studs) for the front closing, a separating zipper (crystal), or no opening at all. The lace-up back is constructed with either pre-made grommet tape or you can set your own grommets (the preferred and longer lasting method). You could even use a long row of hook and eye tape. Fabrics can vary from exquisite Chinese brocades to power net – the choice is yours.

This corset uses no bone casing. A simpler method of construction is used, by stitching channels into the layers of lining and outer fabric, on the seams and in the center of the panels.

Materials Required:


1 meter (1 ⅛ yards) of non-stretch fabric 54″ wide for the outer layer. This could be damask, embroidered coutil, brocade, home décor fabrics or denim
0.6 meters (⅔ yard) of sturdy non-stretch lining 54″ wide such as coutil, twill, duck, denim or heavy cotton.

Front Closing:

1 corset busk, length as suggested in the materials list. You might even choose a spoon busk.
OR…1 separating zipper if using the zipper option

Back Closing

1 meter (1 ⅛ yards) grommet tape if using the grommet tape option
30-40 grommets plus a grommet setting tool if setting your own grommets
5 meters (5 ½ yards) lacing cord to lace the back

Boning and Bone Casing

10-11 meters of plastic boning ¼” wide
10-11 meters of (optional) bone casing.

WL – Long Underwires

WX – Extra Long Underwires