Bra Makers Book, Bra Design & Draft, Bra-Makers Supply

Bra Makers Book, Bra Design & Draft, Bra-Makers Supply

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You've tried every possible bra pattern, but the absolute perfect fit is still elusive for you or your client.  For advanced bra makers, Beverly Johnson has re-issued the 79 page Bra Design and Draft Manual for those advanced bra-makers seeking the perfect design and fit.  This manual would be the textbook for the advanced degree in bra making by the master bra designer.

This book is the compilation of information and data gleaned from the Beverly Johnson class by the same name. That class was 5 days long and was over $900. Now all the information from that class is here in book form for you to read, learn from and apply to your own clients or family.

While the material of this book is contained in the Bra Making Manual, Volume 2, the Bra Design and Draft book provides a focused manual for those advanced bra makers in need of designing a bra from scratch.