Bra Kit, Ingrid Bundle, Full Ingrid Kit (Fabric, Findings, Pattern, Thread)

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Bra Kit, Ingrid Bundle, Full Ingrid Kit (Fabric, Findings, Pattern, Thread, Cut-and-Sew Foam) includes everything you need to make your own supportive and comfortable Ingrid, a must have for everyone with a BCD of 5.0 or higher. Now everyone can own possibly the most comfortable bra you will wear. This is the trendy non-wire "bralette" specially designed for larger cup sizes

This complete kit includes:

Fabrics and Findings Kits

The Ingrid Bundle, Full Ingrid Kit includes both the fabrics (Duoplex material and Powernet material) and Findings Kits to make one Ingrid Bra in the matching color of your choice. The fabrics are cut and packaged, making purchasing your bra fabrics a breeze! This pack also includes a coordinating findings kit – everything you need to make a complete Ingrid.


The Ingrid Bundle, Full Ingrid Kit includes the Ingrid Pattern Collection an integrated bridge pattern with a split lower cup. The side and front panels help keep the breasts forward yet separated. Over 200 sizes from BCD 2.75 to BCD 9.0, in particular this is the pattern recommended for women with a BCD of 5.0 or higher.


Professional Quality Gütermann Thread in the perfect matching color.

Materials Included:

Ingrid Bundle, Full Ingrid Kit includes the necessary materials to make one Ingrid Bra. The fabric part of the Kit includes:

  • Duoplex fabric for cups
  • Power Net fabric for bands

Ingrid Findings Kit Includes:

  • Fold-Over Elastic
  • Top and Bottom Band Elastics
  • Strap Elastic
  • Sliders and Rings for adjustable straps
  • Hook and Eye Closure for the back
  • Stabilizer Tape
  • Section of Cut & Sew Foam for the straps

Ingrid Pattern


Optional Materials to enhance your Ingrid Kit:

  • Optional: 1 Yard or less of 1.5″ (37 mm) plush waistband elastic
  • Optional: 1 separating zipper 4-7″ long (10-18 cm) depending on your size
  • Optional: Single row hook and eye tape for the front closing 4-7″ long (10-18 cm) depending on size

BCD Sizing:

This pattern uses a unique sizing system, called the Bottom Cup Depth Sizing Method (BCD).  All BCD sizes from 2.25 through 7.5 are included in this one pattern which offers the equivalent of over 100 ready-to-wear sizes. This includes the “in-between” sizes that ready-to-wear does not carry!

While wearing your best-fitting non-padded bra, be sure to hold the tape flat against your body and do not twist. Measure your BOTTOM CUP DEPTH, which is the measurement from the apex seam following the curve of the breast down to the seam at the wireline on the lower cup pattern piece – that is the Bottom Cup Depth. This number (in inches) is the pattern size you will use. For example, if you measure 5.25” BCD, you will trace the 5.25 size for all pieces.

Next, measure your RIB CAGE, pulling the tape snug against the skin but not tight. If you measure 34” on the rib cage, you will trace to the line marked 34 on the 5.25 band pattern piece.

The unique feature of the BCD system of sizing is that is the cup you’ve chosen is too small or too large, you simply make the next BCD size up or down.

BCD Sizing Chart