Pattern, Body Shaper and Arm Shaper Pattern, Bra-Makers Supply

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Body Shaper and Arm Shaper Pattern provides the good foundation that every garment needs to fit well and help you look your very best.

Wear the Body Shaper and Arm Shaper over your own bra, and the side straps help support the breasts and lift them “front and center”.

The Body Shaper and Arm Shaper Pattern provides a choice of hip length for tucking in or the full-body version. The front camisole panel can be constructed using lace edging or fabric (for example, to wear under an otherwise too revealing wrap dress).  There are also three different back options

  • a plain bra back style
  • a Y-back for those sleeveless dresses
  • a scoop back designed to hide any back fat and smooth out your back profile

All sizes A-J and hip sizes 35-51″ (89-130 cm) are included

The recommended fabric for the Body Shaper and Arm Shaper Pattern is Regular Power Net.  Power Net is both firm and strong, with excellent holding power and it is available in 14 colors. This fabric matches our other fabrics, such as Duoplex, our main bra fabric, providing the ability to have a body slimmer and bra that match perfectly (and fit perfectly, too). Satin Power Net in beige color is also a good choice for gentle slimming and control.

Materials Required:

  • .8 meters of firm power net for the body
  • thread to match
  • .5 m stretch lace for the panel (view 1)
  • .2 meters stretch fabric for the panel (view 2)
  • 1.2 meters of ⅜” (9 mm) leg elastic (view 1)
  • One 3 x 3 hook and eye (view 1)
  • .4 meters or less of strap elastic (all views)
  • 2 sliders and 4 rings to match width of strap elastic (all back options)