Rosy Ribbons Bralette

A flirty floral fantasy brought to life!

Beginner Sewing Level:

Discover effortless elegance with our stunning Sweet Sixteen Bralette, designed for comfort and ease of sewing for all levels. The 12" Rosy Ribbons Rigid Lace is great for beginners to try new designs with an intricate floral and ribbon embroidery along each scalloped edge and a wide space of sheer red tulle in between. 


We offer step-by-step videos for all who purchase the pattern from Gigi's.   

Email Jeannie at for the link.


Available for BCD sizes 2.75-5.75



Materials Needed:

- Sweet Sixteen Bralette Pattern

- 12" Rosy Ribbons Stretch Lace

- Pink Full Bralette Kit (Fabric - Pink Duoplex for cups/frame, Pink Power Net for back band - and Pink Bralette Findings)

- 1/8" Gigi's Exclusive Luxurious Pink Cut and Sew Foam

- Pink/Red Sewing Thread

Designed/sewn by: Rachael (Gigi’s Team Member)

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