Lace, Lace Fabric, Megan All-Over Rigid Lace Fabric 54" width 1/2 Yard

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Lace Fabric, Megan All-Over Rigid Lace Fabric, is a lovely non-stretch lace fabric. Use this Rigid Lace Fabric for upper and lower bra cups as well as the front frame of a bra. The lace is also used to make bralettes and trim for panties, lingerie, and camisoles.

Sold by the 1/2 yard.

Megan Allover Rigid Lace Fabric lays flat while sewing and will feed under the foot without any trouble. When used as an overlay over a contrast fabric, it completely changes the look of the lace!

Megan Allover Rigid Lace Fabric makes the nicest bra cups, especially when paired with Sheer Cup Lining or 15 Denier Sheer Nylon Fabric.

Pro-Tip: Use the sheer, lightweight fabrics as a lining behind the lace. Fold-Over Binding is a great way to finish the edges of a bra made with rigid lace. The binding wraps over the raw edges to create a clean and tailored look. It also works splendidly in bralettes!

Megan Allover Rigid lace fabric is 87% Polyester/13% Nylon. The fabric is 54 inches (140 cm) wide with very little give. There is no spandex in the fabric.

Megan Allover Rigid Lace Fabric is used for applications that require a rigid or non-stretch lace. The lace is 54″ (140 cm) wide, making it an economical choice for any garment with lace. Many pieces can be cut just from a single yard. Use to make bra cups, the front frame, trim for panties, lingerie, and camisoles, even bridal and formal wear.

Sold by: the 1/2 yard
Width: 54″ (140 cm)
Stretch: non-stretch
Finish: matte
Content: 87% polyester/13% nylon
Uses: bra cups, bra frame, bralettes, lingerie, camisoles, panties, bridal wear, formal wear, evening wear.

Sold by the 1/2 yard.